In October 2022, BRG Golf is pleased to launch Golf App - a multi-platform application that helps golfers book tee time and make online payments on smartphone devices quickly, conveniently, anytime, anywhere along with Attractive special offers for first-time customers. Golf App allows golfers to book tee time by online booking at BRG golf courses. Online booking will help golfers choose, check the available tee time, book a schedule conveniently, accurately, quickly and be confirmed immediately. Besides, golfers can also register for membership card online right on Golf App with just 3 simple steps. In addition, golfers can easily update the latest offers of each golf course in BRG's system and follow the outstanding events of BRG Golf. In particular, Golf App is developing a payment function to make transactions quick, convenient and completely secure. With the goal of becoming one of the leading golf applications in Vietnam, Golf App will bring users the most perfect and attractive features and experiences when using the application.


BRG SeAGolf Member

SeABank coordinates with BRG Group to launch a co-branded card named BRG SeAGolf Member for BRG Golf members. The card is integrated between SeAGolf Platinum card of SeABank and BRG Golf Membership card, therefore it not only offers many financial priviledges, but also serves as an full-benefit card for named golfers.


Ecosytem Exhibition

Contributing to the community with the highest values, BRG Group is a pioneer in international integration, cooperating with prestigious multinational corporations across the world to build an ecosystem featuring high-quality products and comprehensive and sustainable services that always bring the highest living standards to the community.


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